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Can you host a Jeremy Call-in?

With our 'Calling for Corbyn' web-app, anyone can organise a pop-up phone bank in their own home, a local cafe, or any other public venue. Because we love a good pun, we're dubbing these pop-up events 'Jeremy Call-ins' ;)

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A Jeremy Call-in is a great opportunity to meet other volunteers, learn from each other, and canvass together. The more people we have up for hosting Jeremy Call-ins, the more powerful this campaign can be. So we really hope you get involved!

To publicise your Jeremy Call-in: Enter the details of your event in this form. We'll then put your event up on our events map, so other volunteers can get in touch to attend.

Don't worry, we won't display your full address on the website, just the the date, time and general location. When other volunteers request to attend, we'll send you, the host, their contact details and you can let them know your full address and confirm attendance. You can set the maximum number of attendees you'd like to host in the form, and we will only direct this many volunteers to you!

To make sure all our hosts are well prepared and confident in hosting a Jeremy Call-in, each will receive a call from one of our volunteers in the 'Calling for Corbyn' support team. If you'd like further details before you post your event, email with 'Hosting a Jeremy Call-in' in the subject line and we can answer any questions or organise for a volunteer to give you a call.